Aquor VBHP004, Slate Gray



Size:6 inch | Color:Slate Gray

The Aquor House Hydrant is a revolutionary outdoor faucet system that makes access to your water easy and enjoyable. Originally designed for marine vessels, the flush-mount outlet allows you to plug in your garden hose with a simple twist. Water flow starts instantly when you connect, and shuts off automatically when you disconnect. Simply attach the hose connector to any garden hose, and it acts as a quick-connect key. Leave it attached to your garden hose, and you’ll never have to deal with threads again — perfect for those with arthritis or wrist pain. The hose connector design also acts as a security measure, without needing a lock or key. Simply store your garden hose with the hose connector to prevent any unwanted water access. The hydrant self-drains upon disconnection, and will never need winterization. The 100% stainless steel body and internals provide significantly better freeze protection than traditional brass frost-free sillcocks, so you’ll never need a foam cover. The ultra-reliable valve design uses water pressure to close the rear valve, allowing decades of zero-maintenance use. There are no packing nuts or washers to replace, just one stainless steel stem with a high-performance Viton O-ring rated to 250,000 cycles or more. Installation is simple and the hydrant does not require any electricity or any special fittings. Recommended for PEX, but compatible with any plumbing type. Thread in any universal 1/2 inch NPT plumbing fitting to the hydrant’s inlet. Customize your hydrant with optional cover upgrades including brushed stainless steel and matte black titanium. Expand your system with multiple connector types and garden hose quick-connects. The Aquor House Hydrant can be configured for a wide range of applications, from boats to homes to campers and RVs. Enjoy instant water access in less than a second. Save time, save water, do more with Aquor.

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