Cosmoline RP-342″Heavy” Rust Preventative Spray (Military-Grade) 3-Cans

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Military-Grade Rust Prevention
Modeled after Military Specifications: MIL-PRF-16173, Grade 4 and MIL-C-83933.

IMPORTANT #1: Make sure your surface is clean and dry (not oily or greasy) to ensure best possible adhesion.
IMPORTANT #2: RP-342 is a heavily-concentrated rust preventive. For best results, each spray can should be shaken vigorously for about 2 minutes to ensure a uniform coat. The aerosol cans should also be shaken intermittently during longer application sessions.
GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS – Spray a generous, even coating on your surface and let dry. While a single coating will provide exceptional protection, additional coats can be applied if desired. If applying multiple coats, always let previous coats dry completely before applying the next coat. Ideally, it’s always preferable and recommended to apply over a non-rusted surface, however, RP-342 can be applied over moderate surface rust. RP-342 will prevent surface rust from spreading. RP-342 should not be applied over flaking or pitted rust…..these advanced types of rust should be treated prior to applying RP-342. The typical first application dry film thickness is 2.0 Mils (51 Microns).

Common Applications Include (but are not limited to):
– Vehicle undercarriage / undercoating (cars, buses, trucks, etc.) – the most popular application!
– Parts & equipment storage
– Overseas transportation
– Heavy machinery & equipment (storage & in-use applications)
– Packaging
– Dies, molds, lathes, shafts and beams
– Offshore drilling equipment, platforms & infrastructure
– Farm implements
– Boat shafts and propellers
– Marine fittings
– Rifle & other firearms preservation / storage
– Garden tools & lawn mower blades
– 1,000s of applications! Reliably protects any surface that might rust on you!

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