JOYBOS Bathroom Trash Can with Lids | Dogproof Wastebasket with Press Type Lid | 14L Slim Plastic Narrow Kitchen Garbage…

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Waterproof trash canWaterproof trash can

Slim Plastic Trash Can,3.7 Gallon Garbage Can with Press Top Lid, Modern Waste Basket,Waterproof

Why Choose JOYBOS Toilet Paper Trash Can

✔ Durable plastic material and appearance not only good looking but also easy to maintain and clean, won’t left any fingerprint, this garbage bin is waterproof and mute, which does not limit its applicable using occasion

✔Our garbage can has 3.7 gallon’s capacity, no longer frequent garbage dumping, to meet daily needs, basically just once a day.

✔Suitable for all kinds of occasions, kitchen, bedroom, living room, our unique design trash can is convenient and practical, so as long as you can think of anywhere you can use.

Garbage BinsGarbage Bins

Nice Trashcan-bag Completely Hidden

Hide the ugly plastic bag and hide all the ugly looking trash. Trash can with lid is well sealed, prevent odor, you don’t see the trash bag hanging over the sides of the trash can

bathroom trash canbathroom trash can

Multifunctional Garbage Bins for you

Perfect for narrow spaces

This oval-shaped trash can is very suitable to be placed in a narrow space such as any slim area in the kitchen or bathroom, which can help us to save room space.

Privacy garbage canPrivacy garbage can

Privacy Garbage Can

Intimate design-Trash can with lid is well sealed, prevent odor

It tucks into small spaces nicely and does a pretty good job hiding odors as well.

And JOYBOS trashcan is designed so well that it perfectly hides ugly trash bags and your privacy, such as feminine products, condom or dog poop bags.

pets proof wastebasketpets proof wastebasket

Space-saving Design

Suitable for RV, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room. This small waster paper bin special fit to limited space or narrow space and good to prevent your lovely puppy to dig in.

Narrow Trash barrelsNarrow Trash barrels

Soft Close Lid Garbage Container Bin

Touch to open, designed with a quiet lid closure so there’s no louise each time the lid closes.

That is the perfect size for restroom in camper, you will love the spring open and snap close lid for the top of the wastebasket!

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