Lixie 200H-HW – 56 Oz. Dead Blow Hammer – 2″ Dia. Replaceable Hard & Floor Installer Faces

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Lixie 200H-HW Professional Grade Dead Blow Mallet

This mallet is constructed with one (1) hard (black) and one (1) soft flooring (brown) urethane face.

Lixie mallets are constructed with a malleable iron hollow head casting filled with iron shot that moves forward toward struck surface on impact, dampening rebound and providing optimal blow transfer.

Lixie mallets are constructed with replaceable urethane faces that prevent marring, peening, or deforming of struck surfaces and are impervious to most oils and solvents. Lixie urethane faced dead blow mallets outperform rawhide and one-piece thermoplastic mallets in wear and performance.

Lixie mallets are constructed with a grooved, Grade A hickory handle which provides its user comfort and a strong grip.

Lixie mallets are proudly 100% American made


Head Casting – Malleable Iron

Handle Material – Grade A – Hickory

Mallet Weight – 56 Ounces

Head Length – 6-1/4″ Inches

Handle Length – 15″ Inches

Striking Face Diameter – 2.000″ Inch

Face #1 Hardness – Hard (Black)

Face #2 Hardness – Soft Flooring (Brown)

Lixie Standard Limited Warranty: Lixiewarrants all of its manufactured products for the expected life of the product against deficiency in material or workmanship. This warranty does not apply to any defects or problems caused in whole or in part by misuse, abuse, alteration, or wear out due to extended use. For more information, visit manufacturers website.

Replaces Nupla Extreme Power Drive Hammer, Power Drive Hammer, Pro Power Drive Hammer, Impax Power Drive Hammer, Cushion Blow Hammers, Wiha Dead Blow, Armstrong Dead Blow , Snap-On Dead Blow , Proto Dead Blow , Stanley Dead Blow , American Hammer Dead Blow , Garland Hammer, Trusty Cook Hammer

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