Set of 20 Vegetable (5,000 SEEDS), & Herb Seeds Perfect for Planting Your Deluxe Home or Survival Garden Indoors…

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PROUDLY AMERICAN-MADE! Packaged and Weighed by Hand in the North-Western Part of the USA. We Only Purchase Seeds from USA Companies in Order to Support our Country, Keep our Customers Safe and Ensure the Best Quality for the Best Price. Each Pack Contains a Growers Manual that Features Important Information & Instructions! Inside Each Growers Manual Contains: 1. A Description of The Plant That Will Grow 2. Instructions for How to Plant/Sow 3. The Seeds Time Until Harvest 4. Our Story 5. Contact Information. WE DID THE WORK SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO! We Spent Countless Hours Researching and Testing Our Product to Deliver The Best. Each Vegetable Was Hand-Picked for Its Ability, Taste, Growth, & Quality. PACKED FOR ALL CUSTOMERS SOLD, & SHIPPED DOMESTICALLY! We Individually Pack, Sell, and Ship All of Our Seeds From Our Business Headquarters Within The United States to Ensure That The Best Quality Seeds Are Shipped & Received to Each Individual Customer & That All Our Seeds Are Safe to Grow, Eat & Enjoy! Why Grow Your Own Vegetables? It Can Help Families & Individuals Become More Self-reliant & Independent in This Trying Time. It’s a Simple and Fun Hobby. Gardening is a Simple Hobby that Anyone Can Participate in & Enjoy No Matter The Age!

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