Survival Garden Heirloom Seeds, Victory Garden Seeds – 35 Varieties, 17,000+ Vegetable and Fruit Seeds for Planting…

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35 Variety Seed Starter Kit For Complete Garden

All garden seeds come in individual paper seed envelopes. Complete with instructions and growing guides for each plant. Paper seed packets are essential. Seeds stored in plastic baggies can let moisture in cause mold and bacteria, thus rendering your seeds useless.

Our seeds are proudly sourced and packaged in the USA. All seeds are heirloom, non gmo, non hybrid, and open pollinated. You can save seeds for future harvest. We’ve included a large variety of veg, fruit, and herb seeds! You can either have a complete garden or feel safe in your bugout bag survival kit, knowing you have all you need to grow a huge garden to feed yourself, your family, neighbors, and more.

Heirloom seeds make great gifts for that hard to buy person, garden enthusiast, retirees, survivalist, and more! 25 Year Shelf Life – Store seeds in a cool, dark place. Seeds grow in containers, aquaponics, hydroponics, and vertical gardening.

Varieties Included (Subject to change if there’s a crop failure):

* Artichoke

* Arugula

* Asparagus

* Beans

* Beets

* Bibb Lettuce

* Broccoli

* Cabbage

* Carrot

* Carrots

* Chinese Cabbage

* Cilantro

* Collards

* Eggplant

* Head Lettuce

* Hot Pepper

* Kale

* Leaf Lettuce

* Leek

* Melons

* Parsley

* Paste Tomato

* Peas

* Radish

* Red Radish

* Romaine Lettuce

* Slicing Cucumber

* Spinach

* Squash

* Sweet Pepper

* Swiss Chard

* Tomato

* Watermelon

* Winter Squash

* Zucchini

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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