TIKI Brand 1118021 Adjustable Flame Kokomo Metal Torch 65-inch, Black

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Customize the moment with this TIKI® Brand Adjustable Flame torch. This easy-to-use torch is beautiful and makes evenings outdoors more enjoyable. The knob control lets you easily create a larger or smaller flame to fit the occasion. For intimate spaces, twist to lower the flame, and for ultimate ambiance, twist to increase the flame. The multi-piece pole lets you set the height you prefer. Use it at its full height to light up your backyard and define the boundaries of your space. Remove one pole section, and now you have an attractive garden torch. Remove the pole completely, and it becomes a beautiful centerpiece for your table. The TIKI® Brand Adjustable Flame Torch comes complete with a 4-piece pole, long-lasting fiberglass wick and a metal snuffer to extinguish the flame once the night ends. For proven mosquito repellency*, use with TIKI® Brand BiteFighter® Torch Fuel, and enjoy up to 5 hours of burn time with each 12-ounce fill. TIKI® Brand BiteFighter® Torch Fuel sold separately. *Based on studies using CO2-emitting mosquito traps which demonstrated over 50% reduction in captured mosquitoes compared to untreated controls. Use as directed. Efficacy may be affected by weather conditions, torch placement, and individual physical factors.

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