Yonico Router Bits Set Joinery 3 Bit 1/2-Inch Shank 15336

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The Yonico 15336 joint making router bit set includes 3 of the most popular joint making router bits. Two flute carbide cutters & 1/2″ Shanks. Set comes in a solid wood storage case. Includes the following 3 bits: 1 – Medium 45 degree Lock Miter bit – use the reversible 45° Lock Miter bit to join boards at 90°. The interlocking 45° cuts will produce extremely strong joints without having to struggle to keep the boards in place during clamping. Additionally, it will provide extra gluing surface resulting in an extremely strong and durable joint. When positioned properly, the bit will cut both pieces of stock without having to adjust the bit. Simply set the center of the bit to the center of the stock. Then, cut one piece horizontally and the second one vertically. Use with 3/4″ Stock. 2 – Medium Reversible glue joint bit – rout perfect joining cuts with one reversible bit. Simply set the center of the bit with the center of the stock. Run one cut face up and the adjoining cut face down. Great for edge-joining tabletops, door panels and flooring among many other board to board joint projects. 3 – reversible drawer lock bit – produce strong, long-lasting joints for gluing the front and sides of drawers. This bit can also make drawer slides.

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