Yonico Router Bits Set Miter Frame Molding 3 Bit 1/2-Inch Shank 12230

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The Yonico 3 bit mitered door router bit set will make dramatic mitered doors as an alternative to rail and stile routing. The large profile router bit will create beautiful door frames as well as picture frames, mirror frames, chair rails, crown moldings and other decorative trim. For mitered door frames and picture and mirror frames The stock is mitered at 45° and glued and biscuit joined with the included large diameter, 5/32″ High Cutter. This method will create a sturdy and secure joint. The profile bit is designed to work with 2-13/16″ Wide stock and a recommended thickness of at least 3/4″. Combine with any one of our Yonico raised panel router bits to create highly decorative raised panel doors. Use the included 1/4″ Slot Cutter router bit to cut the slot for the panel. As with our other Yonico router bits, the Yonico mitered door router bit set is manufactured with industrial quality C3 micrograin carbide. Two flute carbide cutters & 1/2″ Shanks.

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