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DROK 90646 Voltage Switching Regulator

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Parameters: Input Voltage: 3-35V Output Voltage: 3-35V(Often adjustable) Input Current: max 10A(need heat dissipation when input current is over 6A) Output Current: max 6A(need heat dissipation when output current is over 5A) Quiescent Current : 15mA, not include the current of voltmeter Working Temperature: -40~+85 degrees Operating Frequency : 280KHz Conversion Efficiency : up to 96% Protections: over current protection(when input exceeds 12A, automatically reduces the output voltage) short-circuit Protection(input 15A fuse, double circuit protection) no input reverse polarity protection, if necessary, please connect diode with input in series. Identify Resistance : Tablet PC, iPad, iPhone (some phones identify circuit is different, want to be adjusted) Voltmeter minimum resolution : 0.05V(10V or less automatically switch the decimal point) Wiring: terminals Dimensions: 60mm*50mm*20mm Instructions: 1. Voltmeter power options : Make a choice power the voltmeter from input or output by jumper on the board, short the jumper to reduce the loss of the voltmeter. Remove the jumper cap, the voltmeter does not work. 2. USB output port: USB interface is attached to the output directly, with the identify resistor. Please make sure the USB output voltage is consistent with the voltage of your products. In a different way it’ll burn your digital products. 3. Switch to display the voltage, VI: input voltage; VO: output voltage. Please note: This DC converter is single output, the output voltage of the USB port is equal to the output voltage of the module, if your load is USB device, please make sure the module’s output voltage is set at 5V.
This boost module has high efficiency and little heat, low ripple and stable performance
With digital display, it can show input or output voltage, vi: input voltage; vo: output voltage
Output with usb interface and identification resistor, a single lithium battery may also be boosted to 5V to charge your phone
Has over current protection and short circuit protection(input 15A fuse), secure to use
Application: diy a stabilized power supply, charge your electronic devices, stabilize voltage for solar panel and and so forth

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Additional information

LTC1781 Converter

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