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Uxcell a15040700ux0380 5 Piece 10K Ohm 3 Terminals Linear Taper Rotary Audio B Type Potentiometer, B10K

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Product Description

Features: 10K ohm, 3 terminals, single linear (Kind b), suits so much same old knobs. Best adjustment Kind and knurled shaft for simple operate in day-to-day use time. Main used to keep watch over electrical devices such as volume controls.
Product name: potentiometer; resistance price: 10Kohm; adjustment Kind: Best adjustment; Kind: single Linear (Kind B)
Features: knurled shaft; power supply: AC 220v-6a; shaft diameter: 6 mm / 0. 2 inch
Shaft Length: 13 mm / 0. 51″; mounting thread diameter: 7 mm / 0. 3″; base size(approx): 17x 7. 3mm / 0. 67″ x 0. 29″(D*h)
Knob size(approx): 15 x 17 mm / 0. 6″ x 0. 67″(D*h); knob color: Yellow, black; total height: 36 mm / 1. 4″
Subject matter: metal, electronic parts; internet weight: 40G; package: 5pcs x potentiometer

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