Festool 577126 Granat 5-Inch (125mm) Diameter SYS-STF D125 Sand Paper Set Sys3

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Ensure that you have the right abrasive for the job with the Festool 577126 SYS-STF D125 GR Abrasive Set with Systainer. Assembled especially for any 5 inch (125 mm) Festool sander (ETS 125, ETSC 125, ETS EC 125, and RO 125), the set is equipped with 100 hook & loop style Granat abrasive Discs in a range of grits from 60 to 180, and an Interface Pad. Everything is neatly tucked in to a new generation SYS3 Systainer*, keeping the abrasives organized and protected while making them easy to transport and store. Germany Abrasives Included: 60 Grit – 10 Discs; 80 Grit – 25 Discs; 120 Grit – 25 Discs; 180 Grit – 20 Discs; 220 Grit – 20 Discs; and a D125 Interface Pad – 1 Pad. *NOTE: The Systainer3 is fully compatible with current T-LOC Systainers. And, like the T-LOC Systainer, it can be latched on top of Classic Systainers (going back to 1993).

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