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Starrett 18C Automatic Center Punch Heavy-Duty With Adjustable Stroke, 5-1/4″ Length, 11/16″ Diameter

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The Starrett 18C heavy-duty automatic center punch with adjustable stroke is 5-1/4″ long with a 11/16″ (17 mm) diameter for creating a starter dimple without the need for a hammer. This heavy-duty model is capable of striking a heavier blow than the Starrett 18A and 18AA automatic center punches. It has an adjustable stroke, which may also be set by turning the knurled cap and is regulated by spring tension for uniform dimple size at each and every setting. The punch is made from hardened and tempered steel components that provide wear resistance and strength. It has a round deal with that may be knurled for grip. The point may also be got rid of for replacement or sharpening.

Center punches make small dimple marks in a workpiece to assist guide a drill bit. Manual center punches have a metal shank with a point and are usually tapped with a ball-peen hammer to mark the material. Automatic center punches have an internal spring mechanism that enables them to mark the material without the usage of a hammer, leaving one hand free for steadying the work.

The L.S. Starrett Company manufactures precision measuring tools, metrology and testing equipment, and saw blade products. The company, founded in 1880, is headquartered in Athol, MA.

Heavy-duty automatic center punch with 5-1/4″ length and 11/16″ diameter punches a starter dimple without the need for a hammer
Capable of striking a heavier blow than standard automatic center punch
Stroke affect may also be set by turning knurled cap
Spring tension is constant for uniform depth and dimple size at every setting
Hardened and tempered steel components provide wear resistance and strength

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