Vabroom 2-in-1 Sweeper with Built-in Vacuum

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Simply sweep dust, dirt, and debris into a line or pile on the floor. Then, tilt and press the suction nozzle against the floor to activate the vacuum and instantly make that debris pile disappear. When finished, aim VaBroom over the trash and press the release button to empty (1-Cup Debris Capacity). The specially designed pressure-activated nozzle turns suction on and off—Eliminating the need for dustpans! No more bending over and no more left behind dust lines. Vabroom has “flagged bristles” on it in order to pick up the smallest of particles and increase effectiveness overall. So, while the appearance of the broom’s bristles may appear as if the product is not brand new-the broom was designed this way on purpose. Quicker than a vacuum, better than a broom.

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