Wera – 5056440001 BC Universal Rapidaptor Bit-Check, 30-Piece Set

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Product Description

Wera 30 Piece BC Universal/30 Bit-check with Rapidaptor is designed for compact and organized tool storage. Torsion (TZ) bits are designed to prevent premature wear for improved service life. Rapidaptor Universal bit holder with quick-release chuck for rapid one-handed bit changes for insert and power bits. Wera bit-checks feature a compact design to safely store bits and bit holders in a package that is thinner than the biggest tool contained. So slim it can into your pocket. Slide switch allows for one-handed opening of bit-check for easy tool removal. Sorted by drive and size, tools are easy to locate and return to proper position, making missing products easy to identify. BC Universal/30 Bit-check set includes Rapidaptor Universal bit holder with quick-release chuck and 29 bits, 1 TZ Slotted bit – 7/32”; 5 Hex-Plus bits – 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm; 6 TZ Phillips bits – 2 x PH1, 3 x PH2, PH3; 6 TZ Pozidriv bits – 2 x PZ1, 3 x PZ2, PZ3; 6 TZ TORX bits – TX10, TX15, TX20, TX25, TX30, TX40; 5 TORX BO bits – TX10 BO, TX15 BO, TX20 BO, TX25 BO, TX30 BO. Wera – The Best Tools For The Job!

From the Manufacturer

BC Universal/30 Bit-Check
Bit and holder sets in an extremely compact format

These bit ranges allow rapid overview of the available tools. Bits that are not needed are simply put back in the Bit-Check and do not get lost.

opening mechanism can be operated with just one hand making bit removal convenient. The Bit-Check opens automatically by pushing the slide catch. Bits and holder can be easily removed.

The plastic materials used are robust and ensure a long service life.

The key benefits:
  • Rapid overview
  • Can be opened with just one hand
  • Robust and long lasting case
  • Fits in most shirt pockets
  • Rapidaptor technology for fast bit changes
  • Universal bits for all applications
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • German Engineered

How to take as many bits as possible to the job with minimum space requirements

Wera Bit-Checks are thinner than the thickest tool they contain. This design means that the Bit-Check conveniently slips into most shirt or trouser pockets. Ideal for mobile contracting.

29 universal bits for all applications.Rapidaptor holder ensures ultra fast bit changes.

This set contains:

CODE 05056440004 889/4/1 K 1 x
1/4″x50 1
800/1 TZ 1 x
840/1 Z Hex-Plus 1 x
3.0×25 1 x
4.0×25 1 x
1 x
6.0×25 1 x

851/1 TZ PH 2 x
PH 1×25 3 x
PH 2×25 1 x
PH 3×25
855/1 TH PZ 2 x
PZ 1×25 3 x
PZ 2×25 1 x
PZ 3×25
867/1 TZ TORX® 1 x
TX 10×25 1 x
TX 15×25 1 x
TX 20×25
1 x
TX 25×25 1 x
TX 30×25 1 x
TX 40×25
867/1 Z TORX® BO 1 x
TX 10×25 1 x
TX 15×25 1 x
TX 20×25
1 x
TX 25×25 1 x
TX 30×25

*) Pozidriv = reg. trademark of European Industrial Service Ltd.

Why Wera?

Wera is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of screw driving tools under the Wera, Kraftform, and Zyklop brands. The company was founded in 1941 and is headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany. Wera develops and produces tools for professional and industrial applications, and is a solution provider for problems associated with screw connections. Quality is assured through a manufacturing process that is continually monitored. Wera is International Standard Organization (ISO) certified. Wera has received several awards for the stylish and ergonomic design of its products.

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