Festool 576167 HKC 55 Li EBI-Plus Cordless Carpentry Saw

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With the Festool HKC 55 Li EBI-Plus Cordless Carpentry Saw you’ll be able to perform practically all job site cutting tasks with one tool – and no cord restriction; and the battery packs now come Bluetooth enabled. Bluetooth enabled battery packs let you attach to any Festool Bluetooth®-compatible CLEANTEC (CT) Mobile Dust Extractor and start/stop it automatically when the cordless tool is switched on/off! Miter saw precision, in the size of a sidewinder? Yes, it’s that good. It makes repeat cuts faster than other methods, while also providing accuracy in one step. Making exact and repeated cuts quickly and accurately anywhere without taking materials to a miter saw or sacrificing accuracy with a standard circular saw, makes this the ultimate solution for all wood processing on the jobsite. Coupled with an FSK Guide Rail with integrated angle stops, the HK saw brings a higher degree of efficiency, repeatability, accuracy, and quality of cut unlike any circular saw before. The saw’s integrated retractable guard feature includes a riving knife, making cuts safer and reducing binding at the same time. The HK 55 EBI-Plus Cordless Saw has 3 saw specific guide rails available (sold separately) to accommodate a variety of cut lengths from 9.8″, up to 26.3″. For even longer cuts, the HK is also compatible with all existing FS Guide Rails (NOTE: The ability of the saw to lock to the guide rail is lost if FS, rather than FSK model rails are used).

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