Best Snow Blowers 2022

2021-2022 Season has seemed a bit mild but who knows what the beginning of the new year and the rest of the winter season will bring us. Be ready and do not pass up these offers. In no particular order.


Greenworks Pro 80V 20″ seems to stand out with it’s 80v battery and its simple to use design. Insert battery and go. Adjustable throw mechanism and lightweight design. Store inside and do not worry about gas or oil spills. 6″ rear wheels, brushless motor and tons of toque on demand. Pretty green auger also.


Good ole B&S is going through some tough times but do not count them out. They are still true to their traditional gasoline engines which is great for long run times and bigger properties; even commercial. Features an 1150cc engine, run light for night blowing, and a serrerated patent pending auger. With -20 degree F operating temperatures it seems like there is not much stopping this beast.


The SnowJoe SJ617E is a Plug-in Hybrid of the snow blower world except a shovel will be needed to use the hybrid mode; but yes it plugs in. Great for large or small areas and no canisters to fill or store. That run to the station for petrol may be less than delightful in the weather conditions needed to use this machine. Another reason to go electric for the winter months. It has a dual aguer and can penatrate 18″ of snow. Perfect.


Big-orange-snow-plowing-machine. Yeah that sums up the Husquvarna ST224 24″. What else do is there really to say. This will positively get any job done. Just make sure you have your gas and oil on hand. We recommend using ethanol free gasoline for expensive equipment to help prolong its life-span.


You could say this is a Super Handy tool. It looks like it and acts like it. It can throw snow up to 25 feet and move 300 pounds of snow per minute. It’s only 10 inches wide but seems to be more useful than a traditional snow shovel. It is cordless and comes with a 20v battery.


If you are a resident in the snow belt and have a size-able property you may want something that is gasoline powered that is going to be able to handle the job. If you live in a smaller suburban area or city area we are sure that your neighbors will thank you for going electric. Even if it will not complete the job in one run it gives you time to warm up and make sure you are safe from the cold. Always wear your safety equipment and remember to take breaks and warm up.

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