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Electrostatic Cleaner Comparison

Much up until recent times there were not many different ways to clean. Normally Harsh chemicals with a cleaning cloth or sponge. But Things have changed. Now there are many different cleaning products that are not so harsh. More environmentally friendly and organic. This is especially good for indoor personal use. But do they really have the same cleaning abilities as harsh chemicals?

Well despite their differences or advancements; the futures has come to cleaning and disinfecting your surroundings. Now these are not going to remove the heavy materials as grease or gravy, but they may help protect you against air borne and microscopic parasites. Cleaners like this give you a piece of mind during cold and flu season, hoping to rid your entire home or facility of any unhealthy bacteria while remaining comparatively safe to sensitive allergies or pets.


The Clorox Turbo Pro Electrostatic Cleaner reins in supreme from one of the nations top cleaning brands and is synonymous with cleaning about the household. Although this device has the power to clean larger areas such as office spaces or waiting rooms. However it claims to use it proprietary cleaning solution for the sprayer so expect to pay a bit extra when it comes down to doing things right. Claims to kill 99.9% of germs along with co-vid.


“While I was reaching to for the Impact driver to put the lugs nuts backs on my cars wheels I accidentally picked this up and ended up sanitized the whole garage.” Not to confused. This tool is aiming to protect livestock areas along with any other possible environment that needs to be cleaned. It is able to change the particle size the sprayer emits for different uses. The Super Handy Electrostatic sprayer also claims it is great for crops and plant beds. That opens a whole new area for these types of sprayers. Garden on!


Looking to repulse germs with the palm of your hand? That will not be an issue with the lightest and longest running electrostatic sprayer on the market. Almost 4 hours run time. Effective and quite. I feel like I have seen this somewhere before. Anyways the possibilities are infinite. The DisinfectAid sprayer is our favorite specifically for it’s shockingly good looks.

Stay Safe.

As always stay safe. Remember working with chemicals can be harmful to your lungs, eyes, and skin. Make sure you wear the proper PPE and always read the directions before use.

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